StoryStay a while and listen

Just before the millennium, two sound and music artists with dreams and passions graduated from London back to Malaysia. After three months, they started their first job in a conventional radio audio production studio that only take orders from clients. They were not able to share their knowledge in sound, they had no space for creativity in music, they were struggling.

But, the passion of sound and music in them has lead them to build their first music and recording studio, CAD Music ( CAD = Ctrl Alt Del = Reboot ur Senses) — CAD Music was formed in 2002 and their dream recording studio located in a small commercial lot at Jalan Ipoh just because of the rental was cheap.

They wanted to do things differently; they want to show their talents & creativity in sound & music. But, not many people know about them because they are located at the far away land where only vehicle spare parts reseller around; no one sees them.

For four years, they were only be able to earn enough money just to stay in the business. They were still struggling, still not able to create, to share their knowledge & talents; and also broke! Their dream was almost melted… But, the passion in them has given them the courage to change. They managed to borrow a bit of money from their families and friends to relocate the recording studio.

In 2006, they moved to Bangsar, a more strategic place where many advertising agencies around. So, they started to call the agencies around, arrange for meetings to show their works, just to let people know they exist.

They were still not very convincing for the fact that they have no portfolio, people wants to see the real thing. When people asked them, “what company, what projects have you done, can you show me your portfolio?” They barely have any, but somehow, they manage to convince a few agencies just to try them out with one ad.

Tell me about it, they were trying all they have, their best, their absolute everything just to show the talents of sound and music in them. Wow… and it turned out great, clients like their work. They started to get more jobs, started to get more CLIENTS, and their business is growing.

“Better be… or else they’ll be really BROKE!” So, in two years, they have started with producing 1 ad to now at least 50 ads per month. By follow their principle and passion, they have now produced more than hundreds of ads you’re hearing on all local and Singapore radio stations now.

Clients inclusive big companies like SP Setia (No.1 Developer in Malaysia), Ogawa (No.1 best selling massage chair in Malaysia), Diamond (No.1 Best selling water dispenser in Malaysia), HSBC, MAS, Toyota, etc… They are now trusted by their clients (Ad Agencies, 4As Agencies and Video/Animation Production house) for their quality and creativity of work in sound and music.

Besides, they also gain compliments by radio TV stations for their consistent quality of their work. Their commitment for their passion never stop as they are now ready to go to another level to provide better services for their clients.

They now have a online storage system, online library music searching system, online Q&A about sound and music, and are planning to build two more recording studios to accommodate their rapid growth of business.

Not just that, as I mentioned, their commitment to serve better has leads them to develop their own method of producing radio ads. They call it the “Decibel Difference”. With this method, the radio ads from CAD Music will always sound louder, sharper as your ad will stand out compare to the others.

The story of CAD Music will never stop as they are always committed to improve and serve you better