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For Advertising Agency

Audio Commercial Production

CAD Music can create audio production for Radio & TV commercials that entertain, inform, motivate and most importantly, sell your product. From custom production music, professional announcer, special effects if needed and high quality digital recording. A commercial that you own to use at your discretion, you can’t go wrong. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising if your commercials don’t get the results you want.

Jingle Production

CAD Music can create great Jingles at a price that is fair and you can afford! You will receive exclusive market rights to the produced jingle. No royalties or residuals will be needed. Nothing creates acknowledgment and name recognition in advertising like alluring music and a catchy hook. The power of a jingle is its ability to make your name or slogan memorable. When people can remember you, and associate your product with the emotion stimulated by your jingle, you have one of the most powerful advertising tools available. If people hear your company name sung enough times it becomes a part of their consciousness and gives your company brand name recognition. CAD Music can create an original jingle for your marketing that gets results and puts your name in front of more listeners, and we can do it for a lot less than other companies.


In this day and age we are constantly bombarded with sentence after sentence. We all listen, but does anyone really hear? CAD Music takes an innovative and fresh approach to creating audio that works for your audio or video presentation. We have an extensive production music and sound effect library to bring your production to life. Be assured that our voice talent will give your narration the flair it needs to succeed.

Video/Animation Production House

Animation/Film SFX Design & Music Scoring

CAD Music can add emotions & excitements to your video in a most comprehensive way with or expertise. We have over 10000 tracks of library music & over 20000 tracks of sfx for your video/animaiton. Most importantly, our foley artist and musician graduated from United Kingdom whom can create the best sound effects and music to make your video/animation comes to live. CAD Music’s creative ability can ensured that your animation or video achieved the very best possible sound.

Anything Is Possible With CAD Music

CAD Music can achieve any goal that you want for your company or business. With CAD Music audio services, be assured that your work will be completed in high standards and with a professional criterion, such as:

  • Expert team to compile and arrange your audio production.
  • Experienced composers and engineers.
  • Experienced voice talent.
  • Open communication between our engineers and you, the client.
  • Non- licensed, original, royalty free music and sound effects.
  • Work completed on a high quality digital recording system.
  • Professional high quality microphones.